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There have been no significant changes in cybersecurity tools and techniques for at least the last fifty years. Every solution in use today by first-generation cybersecurity companies fails in the prevention of hacking. FullSekurity introduces new and effective second-generation technology that promises to be a significant change in cybersecurity. We specialize in retro-fitting and building computer systems that are unhackable. We also develop large and complex mobile apps for iOS and Android. We use Kotlin for all Android development

Core Competencies

  • Cyber-retrofit of operating systems for sensitive computer systems and iot devices that will render such devices unhackable
  • Development of large, complex Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Marketing Analytics for Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Development of a secure data vault that will be unhackable and will prevent data theft by malicious insiders


FullSekurity is the only cybersecurity company available to the US government that can retrofit existing IoT devices to render them unhackable and build secure data vaults that are unhackable and protected from theft by malicious insiders. No organization has built an unhackable computer system prior to the work that was recently completed in the DARPA HACMS project. FullSekurity will commercialize these same DARPA-developed techniques and tools to guarantee that sensitive US government systems can be made 100% secure from hacking.

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